Coming from a small village town in Punjab is Subash Kumar who moved to Australia in 1994, has been working as a chef for the past 30 years. Gaining his knowledge from one of the most famous restaurants in Punjab, which ignited the passion to start his own restaurant in Melbourne. Since then he worked as a chef in the city and moved on to start his own restaurant.

The beginning of All India Curry Company

With the beautiful CBD not too far away Ascot Vale was the breeding ground of the most highly successful restaurant in Ascot Vale, All India Curry Company. Competition was fierce with multiple Indian restaurants opening up around the corner but with the work ethic of Subash and his lovely wife Manisha, they were able to keep the authentic quality Indian food business, booming. They later decided to expand the business to point cook Seabrook and eventually Wangaratta building a reputable franchise name called All India Curry company.

The food was highly addictive and people saw more potential in the business than ever before. Fifteen years later in 2016 a business owner decided that it would be a good idea to work with Subash. Unfortunately because of differences, Subash realised that he had to depart ways with All India curry company (Ascot Vale) after 15 years. Which forced the name change to be Golden Saffron.

All India Curry Company

Golden Saffron Seabrook

A small lovely restaurant that gives you the true Indian food experience. It has been running for over 10 years as All India seabrook by Subash’s lovely wife. It feels like you are at home and receiving food made by your aunty and mum, the team at seabrook really make you feel welcome from the minute you walk in or pick up that phone. A recent name change came at the inclusion of the restaurants original Subash Kumar. To the loyal customers who are wondering about the sudden name change, the restaurant is still family run and it still has all the amazing delicious foods that you are used too, includingsome new and exciting additions.

Our Food Guarantee

The food here is just beyond awesome, you can read the multiple reviews and take a try for yourself. The quality of meat and products used, is of high standards and the food that is given to you is fresh and tasty. We are consistently asked by our customers on “how do you keep the meat so tender?” or “What do you put in your samosa it’s delicious” the secret is that everything is made fresh and from scratch. One person that has travelled all across India said the DaalMakhani that Subash makes is better than anything he has had in India. The flavours are complex and amazing and all the work that is put into your food is of the highest quality. That ultimately explains the incredible feedback we have receive over the years. We guaranteed the food is something you will die for.

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